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Available for Windows desktop

One of our first games, BreakThrough is over seven years old--and still fun to play. For such a simple game, BreakThrough has many features that set it above other break-out clones:

  • BreakThrough lets you start a new game on any level you've played before--so instead of having to start over every time you play, you can work your way through all the levels!
  • Instead of just a boring old flat paddle, BreakThrough has four different paddle shapes to inflict upon the hapless player--and it knows enough physics to make the ball bounce properly off shaped paddles depending on where it hits.
  • BreakThrough includes its own level editor, so you can create new levels from scratch or modify any level you've already beaten!

With ten tough levels to play free and over forty to play after you register, BreakThrough is sure to keep you glued to your screen for hours on end.