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Available for Windows desktop

It's just the greatest thing to hit video games since the invention of the 3D accelerator card. Well, maybe not that exciting, but it's pretty hot stuff.

CommCenter lets you play your favorite video games while using your microphone to talk with other people online--CommCenter uses Microsoft DirectSound to mix their speech with your video games' sound effects, so you hear both at the same time.

You can use CommCenter to talk with any number of people at once, while still only sending and receiving a single stream of audio information--so it doesn't eat up all of your modem's bandwidth. CommCenter even lets you add real-time modifiers to your voice: it can lower or raise your speech an octave, add an echo chamber and more.

As great as CommCenter is for video games, that's not all it does. You can use CommCenter to talk with your family online while you browse the web, or set up an ongoing chat session on your company's LAN.

Which brings up another point: CommCenter works great at the office--while you can use it (even through a firewall) to talk over the Internet, it doesn't have to reach the Internet to work. Run a CommCenter Base Station on your PC at the office and suddenly you've added voice chat to your lunchtime game session.

You can even modify your web site to let people know if you're online and ready for a call--and visitors can start talking with you by just clicking a hyperlink. Download CommCenter today and see why it frags the crud out of the competition.