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This app doesn't cost you a dime.


It still whines about wanting a registration code, though, so use this one:




For the curious:

Icarus was bought by the owners of the Internet Chess Club, who chopped up parts of it to build their new Dasher client software.  Since they bought it, it's no longer mine to sell--and since I can't realistically purge it from the Internetz, that means it's free to use.  There's a free registration code above if you need one.



Available for Windows desktop

Icarus is a superb client interface for the hugely popular Internet Chess Club, an online group of thousands of chess players. Its beautiful, easy-to-use interface will help you get connected and playing chess in no time.

Join an online chess community that offers lectures, lessons by grand masters, over a hundred IRC-like chat channels, tournaments, simul exhibits, chess variations and more!

Icarus is free.