On-Device Download and Purchase Only

I can't provide a download link here; you can only download from your mobile phone.   (The level editor, though, is available here.)


Of course, if you're viewing this on your mobile phone, that's going to sound pretty unhelpful isn't it?  The Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace is still in flux, so I'm not yet sure how registration and purchasing will work out.  I appreciate your patience.


Omega 3D

Available for Danger Hiptop devices

Omega is Random Software's first entry into gaming for the Danger Hiptop cell phone, and the graphics above are from a very old version of the phone that couldn't do texturing.  (The more recent ones can, and the game looks much better for it.)

Please check out the Omega Forum, where you can read about how to create and play custom levels!

For technical support, please email support@randomly.com