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This app can also be downloaded for Windows Desktop, and there is an older desktop version available for download too. The desktop version is shareware and can be bought online, though the Windows Phone 7 version is sold only through the Zune Marketplace.



Available for desktop and Windows Phone 7 devices


A visual puzzle game that has challenged and fascinated players for nearly a decade!

Triad is a tile-matching game with a twist: the tiles you match are never identical, but instead must form any of 256 different patterns.  That's far too many unique patterns to memorize, but don't worry: with the help of the brief tutorial you'll quickly learn to recognize when three tiles form a Triad and when they don't.  As you stretch your mind's eye, you'll find you're able to discern Triads faster and faster.

Triad was such a popular game for us for so many years that we just had to build a new version for the Windows Phone 7 devices too.  In addition to the usual upgrades--better graphics, world-wide high scores, achievements, new one- and two-player game modes and so on--we've made some fundamental improvements in how Triad plays.  Triad's game engine now controls its difficulty much more carefully: you won't accidentally get "easy" boards or "hard" boards, but instead can choose your own difficulty level and expect a consistently tough game every time.