Danger didn't want to sell this, so I can't sell it either.  


Sadly, Danger and its partners (T-Mobile in the US) controls the availability of apps on their devices, and they didn't think this one hit their target market.  There's no way to jailbreak or side-load the app, so you're stuck.


If you're a developer, you can download the source here.



Completely unavailable.  Can you believe that?

Following up the success of Omega on the Danger Hiptop cell phone, we rolled up a VNC client for your cell phone: complete control of your desktop in the palm of your hand.

Even though the app is technically superb, Danger decided not to release it into its catalog, so I'm afraid I can't offer it to you.  But I was proud of how it turned out, so it made it to this web site anyway.