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It's too much work to update this web site all the time, so what you read here might be a little out of date.  For all the latest news, check our our development blog on blogspot.


Current Projects

What we're working on at the moment

Jump over to sites like (which I enjoy very much--no knocks there) and you can find literally hundreds of fun, browser-based games that you can play for free.  The market has moved on since we (okay, I) first started producing one-developer trinket games fifteen years ago.

So, we're moving with it.  After taking a break for a few years while life happened, Random Software is now concentrating on apps for mobile phones and consoles--places where flash development hasn't (yet) flooded the market.


Chess Club for WP7


Our first entry into the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, Chess Club is also the very best chess program we've ever written--and we've written lots.


Praetor for WP7, Windows, Xbox


Probably our most ambitious project to date.  Praetor is so tough that we started it twice before without being able to finish--but third time's the charm, right?