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It's too much work to update this web site all the time, so what you read here might be a little out of date.  For all the latest news, check our our development blog on blogspot.


Legacy Products

What we wrote, oh, fifteen years ago

Wrote these, enjoyed them, sold them, and moved on.  They're still available, but don't expect any updates from this point on.  Busily working on other stuff now.

Abalone - An instant classic of a board game

BreakThrough - Fun, but twenty years old if it's a day

Checkers International - Half a dozen ways to play draughts

CommCenter - Great back when 3D FPS games didn't have one already

EspType - A utility for typing Esperanto's chapelitajn characters

Icarus - ICC bought this long ago, but you can still use it

KnXion - This one might reappear on a cell phone near you one day

Omega 3D - The only 3D game for the T-Mobile Sidekick

Quadrature - Beautiful.  Bet you've never played anything like this.

Triad - A match-3 game only for those with an IQ over 120

VNC Client - T-Mobile wouldn't ship this, but we wrote it anyway